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An abundance of the MLNV’s spring and summer programs and incentives for all ages was made possible by a generous grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, Rotary District 7430, and the Nazareth Rotary Club. These programs are part of the library’s PA Forward Financial Literacy programming.

The library was pleased to offer a “Financial Literacy Academy,” a series of six finance-related workshops about retirement savings, credit scores, credit cards, the stock market and investing, with Professor Mark Koscinski of Moravian University and Professor Deanna Hammarsten of Northampton Community College. The classes were open to all young adults and interested adults.  Patron attendees received a free budgeting planner, and young adult attendees were entered into a raffle to win a set of SONY headphones and laptop backpack.

FINRA also funded the Teen Advisory Board’s recent Tory Prison Coffeehouse on April 19th and the teens’ Oregon Trail live action game.

The children’s summer reading program, “Animalia!,” featured eight action-packed weeks of learning about animals and financial literacy. The library’s younger patrons received a paintable ceramic animal bank kit (while supplies lasted) and were invited to a special decorating session and launch of the “Creative Critters Craft Club.” Community members judged the Piggy Bank Pageant, and patrons saved and stored the Wild Bucks they earned throughout the summer for independent reading and completing various literacy-based and financial-themed activities. FINRA and the Rotary funded the prizes in the library’s Wild Mart, from animal Squishmallows to binoculars to octopus kites to birdhouses to bug catching kits (each marked with a FINRA sticker), as well as a host of special events, including a children’s concert with Lolly Hopwood, “Animal Adaptations” talk by Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 4-H presentations, and author talks by Victoria Jamieson and Elvira Woodruff–among many others. Young patrons learned to budget and save in a fun, exciting way.

Marketing efforts for all of the above, as well as several financial-related books for the library’s collection, some salary expenditures, and overhead costs, were also generously paid for by the FINRA grant.

Remaining funding may be used for additional financial literacy programs in fall 2023.

To learn more about FINRA and the Nazareth Rotary Club, follow these links: