Annual Lottery Calendar Fundrasier

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Annual Lottery Calendar Fundrasier

2024 Lottery Calendars

Our annual lottery calendar fundraiser is here! Each Summer, the MLNV sells lottery calendars to help raise money for our library services. See the below rules to see how it works, and how you can win real money prizes!

How the Lottery Calendar Works:

Purchase a calendar for $10 at the MLNV circulation desk or from various sellers at offsite events through the Summer. Each calendar is marked with a 3-digit number. Tell the seller your preferred number, or we can pick at random. Hold on to your calendar, but don’t worry if you lose it. We keep the information, and will mail you a checkif you win!

The chances for winning are based on the Pick-3 Pennsylvania Lottery (Evening), straight, not boxed. Each day a number is drawn, and if that number calendar has been purchased, the buyer will be a winner. The payout is determined by the dollar amount shown on the calendar for that day. (For example, Atticus Finch purchased calendar #123, and on September 28 the Pick-3 Pennsylvania number drawn is #123, then Atticus wins the amount appearing on his calendar for that day. If calendar #123 was never purchased, then there is no payout for that day.)

Winners will have checks mailed to the address written on the ticket stub within 30 days of winning.