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Membership Eligibility

To be eligible to receive a library card, you must belong to one of the following groups:

  1. A current resident of one of the 4 communities that support the library: Bushkill Township, Lower Nazareth Township, Nazareth Borough, or Upper Nazareth Township. Please bring proof of your residency (e.g., driver’s license, utility bill, insurance, etc.) when applying for a card.
  2. A member of another Pennsylvania library, holding a valid library card with the “Access PA” sticker on it. This sticker makes you eligible to receive a card from our library. Please present your home library membership card when applying for an MLNV card.

Residents of Stockertown, Tatamy, and Plainfield Townships are not eligible for MLVN Library cards because those townships do not contribute to the library’s funding. If you are a resident of one of these townships, you may purchase a library card from one of the following libraries, to be used only at the library issuing the card:

Bangor Public Library
Easton Area Public Library
Blue Mountain Community Library

Plainfield Township residents can get a free library card at Blue Mountain, but this card may only be used at this library.

If you are a resident of a township that does not support a public library, consider talking to your local government officials about the benefits of doing so.

Programs, events, and library space usage are open to all members of the public, regardless of membership status.

To learn what library provides you with services, please click here.

All persons residing within the state of Pennsylvania, regardless of whether their municipality supports a public library, can get a Power Library e-card, to be used to access free digital resources. Learn how here.

Children between the ages 2-12 with a valid library membership are eligible to participate in the Summer Reading Program. Children who are Access patrons, meaning Nazareth is not their home library but they have an orange Nazareth card, may also register for Summer Reading. If the child is not old enough to receive a library card at their home library, but their parent/guardian has an up-to-date card from both their home library and Nazareth, they are still eligible to register for Summer Reading. Children who are old enough to receive a card at their home library must do so. Children who live in a municipality that does not support a library may not register for the Summer Reading Program reading challenge, but they are free and welcome to attend all library programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t all municipalities and boroughs support the public libray?

The residents of our supporting municipalities enjoy everything our library offers because their government leaders believe libraries are an essential government service. These local municipalities support the library as part of responsive and responsible government.

What other mechanisms support the library?

Libraries are assigned by the state to District Library Centers. District Library Centers have nothing to do with School Districts. The Library receives no funding from the Nazareth Area School District. The Library receives no funding from the Bethlehem Library District. The Library receives no funding from Northampton County.

What service area does our district serve?

Our Library is assigned to the Bethlehem Library District.

How does this affect Tatamy, Stockertown, and Plainfield Township?

Tatamy, Stockertown and Plainfield Township are not part of this Library’s service area. Tatamy and Stockertown are assigned by the state to the Easton Area Library District Center and any discussion on funding library service must first be with the Easton Area Library District.

How can a municipality become a member?

Any municipality wishing to provide library services to their residents by supporting our Library would have to agree to contribute using our current formula which is based on reported EIT numbers from each municipality. Residents of Tatamy, Stockertown and Plainfield Township have the strongest influence in persuading their local government officials that providing library service is a priority for their community.

Can I buy a library card?

The Easton Area Library, Bangor Library, and Blue Mountain Community Library sell cards to non-residents. Therefore, residents of Tatamy, Stockertown, and Plainfield Township who are willing to purchase a card do have library service. Please remember that these purchased library cards can only be used at the library that they are purchased. Library cards that do not contain ACCESS PA stickers are not accepted at the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity. Plainfield Township residents may also get a free card at Blue Mountain.