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Who can sign up for the Summer Reading Program?

Children ages 2 – 12 with a valid MLNV library card can sign up to participate in the Summer Reading Program to earn prizes.

Children who are Access patrons, meaning Nazareth is not their home library but they have an orange Nazareth card, may also register for Summer Reading. If the child is not old enough to receive a library card at their home library, but their parent/guardian has an up-to-date card from both their home library and Nazareth, they are still eligible to register for Summer Reading. Children who are old enough to receive a card at their home library must do so.

We have programs for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers.

Teens (ages 12-18) and adults (ages 18+) can also sign up to earn prizes of their own by stopping by the front desk to pick up a reading tracker.

When is the Summer Reading Program?

The 2024 Summer Reading Program will begin in June and end in August.

When and how do I sign up?

Registration for the 2024 Summer Reading Program will begin May 2024.

Children must have a valid MLNV library card. Library cards are available for free at the front desk and are available immediately. You can also sign up for a card online and come to the library to pick it up. Find out more about membership eligibility HERE.


Is the Summer Reading Program free?

Yes! The Summer Reading Program is made free for all participants by the generous support of our sponsors.

Why is summer reading important?

Summer reading programs are an affordable, effective way to keep children’s emerging reading skills sharp. Summer reading programs are also fun and engaging for young people!

From the American Library Association’s website: “Numerous studies have shown that summer programs help ensure that school children retain reading and learning skills over the summer recess.” Read more HERE.

I have a question that isn't listed here. How can I reach out?

You can contact our Children’s Librarian, Berry, with any questions about the Summer Reading Program by emailing her at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call the library children’s department at 610.759.4932 (option 3).